What started as a leap of faith to turn a small neighborhood bar into something special again has evolved into Lucky’s at The Lodge. 


The original Lucky’s had tales and memories throughout decades; it was a neighborhood spot that needed someone to breathe new life into it. While Lucky’s was in need of a new opportunity, so was Andrew, and the pairing couldn’t have been more perfect. 


Two years later, the dream has grown into something bigger- to take Lucky’s and give it the true opportunity it deserves by bringing it into a new, more comfortable space; to upgrade its food and drink offerings and provide a bigger, more beautiful space as a thank you to its loyal patrons and the community. That’s how Lucky’s at The Lodge came to be. 


The Lodge’s restaurant space boasts state-of-the-art equipment, cozy nooks and crannies for lounging or playing a round of darts, and a beautiful patio to enjoy the best of Wisconsin’s weather. The space offers endless ways to enrich and enhance the experiences that Lucky’s loyalists have grown to love and appreciate, and a new adventure for those who hadn’t given the establishment a chance before. 


The goal of Lucky’s at The Lodge is to bring more of the community together and to do so more often. The Lodge is a place where families can get together in larger groups or just out amongst themselves, and where friends can come together and enjoy a great night out, no matter the day of the week. 


Whether you’re coming from miles away or just a few blocks down the road, Lucky’s at The Lodge aims to be the best spot to enjoy great food, delicious drinks, and a warm, welcoming ambiance that will have you making plans to return before you leave.